F400 Electronic Locks

DOREX F400 series of electronic locks are equipped with a powerful and efficient electromechanical locking system. Ideal for moderate commercial or heavy residential traffic applications that require an easy-to-manage access system that can operate independently or in conjunction with other RFID enabled systems.

Equipped with a 13.56 MHz RFID reader, the F400 series integrates easily with existing RFID enabled access systems; allowing their keys to operate F400 locks. With a simple physical installation and straight-forward programming, F400 locks can be used to expand, upgrade or retro-fit existing systems.

Common Features Include:

  • 50 individual user codes available
    • 25 programmable codes (4-8 digits)
    • 25 RFID tokens
  • 4 renewable single use codes
  • Auto Lock with delay
  • Vacation Mode (disables keypad)
  • Optional random screen keypad activation code to prevent number probing
  • Double authorization mode (requiring user code + RFID token) for additional security
  • Easy to program and pair RFID keys
  • Fits standard door preparations for cylinder and/or tubular locks; no additional holes or wiring required

F400T* – F400T deadbolts can replace any common deadbolt application, including entry handlesets, allowing an easy upgrade to RFID based access control.

F425T – The F425T lever lockset is ideal for granting key-less access to rooms to employees and tenants. Perfect for offices, conference rooms, maintenance areas, laundry rooms and more.

*Fire-rated 2Hrs.

Please contact your local representative for more information.